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Lonely Planet Thailand's Islands & Beaches

There's never been a better time to experience Thailand's world-class islands and beaches, pristine sands and crystal clear waters await. Expanded coverage on remote islands; new diving & other activities special chapter; indepth history, culture and food & drink chapters; more than 85 easy to use maps.

Expert Authors - providing the best insider tips and tricks.

Unbeatable Accuracy - updated on the road, in person by regional experts.

The World's Best Travel Maps - more then 80 detailed maps inside.

No Guesswork - opinionated reviews and inspiring highlights sections.

...for the adventurous traveler who wants to live like a native.' --Real Simple Magazine, June 2005

Who We Are
At Lonely Planet, we see our job as inspiring and enabling travellers to connect with the world for their own benefit and for the benefit of the world at large.

What We Do
* We offer travellers the world's richest travel advice, informed by the collective wisdom of over 350 Lonely Planet authors living in 37 countries and fluent in 70 languages.
* We are relentless in finding the special, the unique and the different for travellers wherever they are.
* When we update our guidebooks, we check every listing, in person, every time.
* We always offer the trusted filter for those who are curious, open minded and independent.
* We challenge our growing community of travellers; leading debate and discussion about travel and the world.
* We tell it like it is without fear or favor in service of the travellers; not clouded by any other motive.

What We Believe
We believe that travel leads to a deeper cultural understanding and compassion and therefore a better world.

LONELY PLANET aims to cater for every independent traveller, whatever the destination, whatever the style of travel and whatever the phase of the journey.

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Thailand Islands & Beaches
By K. Brucker
This book is particularly helpful as it contains many detailed maps. As well, the accomodation section is very useful for the traveler who does not have any set plans as it helps to show several different price ranges from budget to high end & includes phone numbers & websites of them frequently.

there are also tips for every type of traveler here in very detailed sections on every province in thailand. although it says islands & beaches there is a very good section on Bangkok city itself which is good as most people start & end up their Thailand vacation there anyway & spend some time in the city.

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4must have
By mattie
It's a great guide. Lots to read about Culture, history, itineraries etc. Mostly in black and white, but also some nice color pictures.
There are lots of maps and also trip suggestions.
Just like al other Lonely planets, you can see where and how much boarding and food (and other entertainment) costs.

It is a pleasure to read now before the trip, but it will be handy during the trip!

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4Good for the Beaches, not so good for Bangkok
By Needful Toyz LLC
This book had exactly what i was looking for when on holiday at the beaches of Thailand. One thing that would be nice would be some more photos! Its nice when you dont know where you want to go, and you can flip through to see a color picture or two of the areas of interest. LP please add color photos!

As for Bangkok, the info is lacking. The maps are ok, but are missing the smaller streets. Some of the info there is on the main city overview for "places to stay" but then dont have any descriptions for them in the body of the book. Weird. Doesn't seem to follow typical format. I suggest buying the LP Bangkok book instead. I ASSUME it is better and more comprehensive?

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