Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Live For Free: The Definitive Guide

Follow Deepak Tailor on a journey to discover how to live for free. For three years Deepak travelled to the distant corners of the world, found a growing global movement and interviewed hundreds of inspiring people. From the founder of LatestFreeStuff.co.uk, the UK's most popular freebie website, learn how to turn your life around, reach your goals and make any part of it free. Packed full of tips, action lists and resources, How To Live For Free will make the biggest change to your life, more than any other book. Among hundreds of topics, discover: - How to attend free restaurant tastings - How to get free clothes and beauty treatments - How to receive freebies from brands - How to forage and cook wild game - The man who lived in luxury flats for two years free of charge - The man who built his own island - How to up cycle furniture - How to sail a yacht and travel the world - The ultimate hitchhiker's guide - The best free living apps - How to get free cinema, theatre and festival tickets - How Deepak gets a free private driver everywhere he goes - How to upgrade your wardrobe for free - And much, much more.

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3Living for free
By Michael D. Shepard
Great ideas for saving money. A US version would be better.

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1Good Book for Others, Just Not Me
By Angela Santana
This book does have some good ideas for those who are looking for ways to live for free, but these ideas are not for me. I do not have the time nor the patience to do what this book suggests.

I am not saying that you shouldn't get this book. By all means, grab it, but just know that you have to invest quite a bit of time into taking advantage of the advice shown here. Good luck to you!

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5Especially good if in the UK
By Larro Pierre
Really a lot of good ideas if one is needing to, or desiring to live on the cheap. Some parts won't be of any interest to the reader, but everyone should come away with something of value!

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