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The Dream Killer (The Dreamer Chronicles) (Volume 2)

When the world's greatest minds lose their wits, only one girl can bring them back ...

12-year-old Sarina wants one thing and one thing only: to win a place at a prestigious art school in Paris. Delayed by her dreamlike heroism in a parallel world, she must now double her focus on reality. But dizzy spells and blackouts plague her efforts, and she fears she'll be confined to an institution like her two mentally ill great aunts.

When her friend Nathan and his mentor Professor Harrison make a shocking scientific discovery, Sarina may be the only person who can save the world's greatest minds. She must make a choice: concentrate on her impending art finals, save the world, or somehow retain her sanity while attempting to do both.

The Dream Killer is the second thrilling installment in the sci-fi/fantasy series The Dreamer Chronicles. It features wall-to-wall action, heart-pounding suspense, and a whiff of mystery mixed in with compelling science, art, and magic. Kids aged 9 and up, as well as adults, will love a series that's full of delightful surprises. Add the book to your digital library or your bookshelf today!

Born in Australia, Robert was whisked back to England where he spent his childhood. After many years complaining about the weather, he did the only sensible thing, and moved back to Australia. Queensland actually. Where he enjoys walks along the beach with his wonderful family.

(Pssst. He still complains about the weather if it gets too cold!)

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5Strongly recomended for young science readers.
By Rod Matthews
I was keenly anticipating the sequel to Sarina's Nightmare. In The Dream Killer, we find our heroes - Sarina and Nathan - caught up in a mystery that threatens to affect the intelligence and creativity of everyone on planet earth.

Once again, Sarina is forced to put her art ambitions on hold as we follow her in an adventure that keeps accelerating her further and further into peril.

I loved this follow-on from the first episode of the Dreamer Chronicles. The characters are every bit as believable as before and are forced to confront their own fears in what becomes a gripping sci-fi thriller. Kids will love it, bring on Dreamer Chronicles Part III.

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5Love this sequel!
By hathahealing
Sarina's back and we thoroughly enjoyed following her adventures again. We normally read these books before bed and my niece is getting ready a little faster to give us time to get an extra chapter in! She loves these books for the action & suspense. I have to say one of my favorite parts was the Fact or Fiction Author's Notes at the end. Scanlon explains real scientific references used throughout the book and gives links for further information. These books are fantastic for getting young readers excited about real science. Careful you may find yourself accidentally watching Contact Juggling videos on YouTube for hours!

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5Sarina's adventures continue ... leaving this reader eagerly anticipating the next episode
By Kay
I am glad there will be more to this story in the (hopefully not too distant) future ... The second installment of The Dreamer Chronicles delivered everything I had looked forward to since reading the first book, and more ... Robert Scanlon's writing is full of delightful surprises - his books have something for readers of all ages. I loved the inclusion of the end notes and the fact that through artful storytelling Robert is inspiring young readers to learn, grow, imagine, create ... These books deserve a wide and large audience.

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