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The Cancun Insider: Get the Most out of your Cancun

Get the Most out of your Cancun Vacation Even if you're on a Budget!

Whether this is your first trip to an exotic destination, or you're a seasoned traveler who wants to have more freedom than is offered in an all-inclusive resort, the Cancun Insider will reveal many insights about this beautiful destination.

This book has been written based on experience in the trenches, skipping all the fluff and delivering actionable tips and tricks and travel hacks that you will be able to use all along your trip. Along the way these tips and tricks will help you get oriented in a new culture, help you stay safe, discover many things that most travelers simply don't know about, save you a ton of money and avoid tourist traps.

Even if you are planning on staying in an all-inclusive resort, with the help of this book you will get to see parts of Cancun that will open your mind to the richness of the Mexican traditions. The Cancun Insider will guide you on a path that will give you a taste of the real Mexico and a peek at the everyday life of a different culture.

In The Cancun Insider you will learn:
- All the Basics like When to Visit Cancun, What You Should Bring
- How to get up to 80% off on Excursions, Attractions, and the Hottest Clubs
- The Nicest Beaches, Spanish Hacking Tips, and Shopping Secrets
- How to Get Around the City for Pennies, and Where to get a free map
- Authentic Restaurants and Little Markets that Only the Locals Know About.
- Quality Healthcare and Dental work at Ridiculous Prices
- Free and Budget Friendly Activities, Shows, Dancing Lessons and more

And Many More Sneaky Tips and Tricks that will Make Your Trip Awesome.

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Praise for the Cancun Insider:
"If you are planning on going to Cancun The Cancun Insider is a must-read! Don't miss out on a vacation of a lifetime!" - BGE Radio
☆☆☆☆☆ "I would recommend this book to anyone looking for tips on saving cash while still having an incredible vacation." - Amanda Z.
☆☆☆☆☆ "We found this book very helpful for finding the offbeat items. ." - Tami D. Cowden
☆☆☆☆☆ "if you want a real inside view of Cancun, this is the book for you. " - Kathleen R Raulerson

David Rowicz is a positive thinker,  an enthusiastic world traveler, and serial entrepreneur. When he isn't using his expertise in business development and creative marketing to create strategies for world-class clients, he travels the world for inspiration and balance. He lives in Montreal and has spent his career choosing the road less traveled, simply because he finds it more fun!

Most helpful customer reviews

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
By Meghan
Right at the get-go, it’s clear that David Rowicz’s ‘The Cancun Insider’ is for the traveller who does not want to compromise on enjoying a wonderful vacation destination such as Cancun, Mexico. And refreshingly, Rowicz has hit the nail on the head with this book: forget about all those other travel guides that seem to be so preoccupied with how to get where—‘The Cancun Insider’ is, to put it bluntly, all about how you can have a truly great time in Cancun.

Rowicz knows what he writes about—he has stayed in Cancun in exactly the same circumstances that you might be thinking about visiting it—on a limited budget. The author—who obviously understands where the reader may be coming from—leaves no stone unturned in really discussing everything a “tabula rasa” may need to know about the destination—from the local culture, to even cures for hangovers. And most importantly, Rowicz shatters the misconception that you can’t have so much fun if you’re on a shoe-string budget—in fact, you CAN, and you must. And with this book, it’s going to be a heck of a journey.

As if that’s not enough, Rowicz’s writing is pure gravy—he has a flair for entertainment, which is highly important for a “fun guide” like this. If the book that purportedly shows you how to have a great time isn’t actually a great read, then you have the bleeding proof right there. You get the zeitgeist, the mood, the atmosphere of Cancun—and this from someone who has lived “in the trenches” and who knows where to go and what to avoid and what is really up as far as having a great time is concerned. ‘The Cancun Insider’—right from the introduction to the safety tips to striking quick friendships in Cancun, is just spot on. Plus, there’s humor in the right places—what’s there not to like?

Overall, ‘The Cancun Insider’ is a truly priceless guide to Cancun, Mexico, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Order a copy of this book today—or send this as a gift to anyone you know who is thinking about going there—heck, gift it to them even if they’re not specifically gunning for Cancun, because this book might help them make up their minds. A resounding five-star rating for this wonderful guide.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
By Michelle
Highly recommend this book! But beware, I bought several kindle edition Cancun books and this is the exact same book as "Cancun: This is NOT a Travel Guide", strange thing is these books have different authors so how does that happen???? I'm complaining to Amazon!!!!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5The best guide out there for my family and I
By Nathan Palmer
This is by far the best guide out there. Sure, this guide isn't for everyone... he even says it himself. If you have thousands of dollars to spend, only want to visit the biggest tourist traps, or if you want to stick with expensive (and overrated) restaurants, this NOT the guide for you. If you're like me, going with a family that is on a budget, that wants to really experience authentic Mexican culture and food, and have a lot of fun while you're at it, this is the perfect thing.
Although I'm "Gringo", I have lived in Central America for many years and so I'm familiar with the Latin American culture. However, Rowicz offered many insights that were unique to the Cancun area that I really appreciated, since I had never visited the Yucatan. Sure, he definitely has parts of the book that are geared to young, single adults, but he has overwhelming amounts of useful information for famlies and others as well.
In my opinion, the only thing that could make this Guide Book perfect is if he included more information of the surrounding cities of the Riviera Maya, like Playa del Carmen, Tulum, etc. He definitely has valuable information about these areas, but the central focus is on Cancun, just as the title would suggest.
I'll say it again: If you know you're not the type of the person that does not enjoy trying new things, experiencing new cultures, or if you have plenty of money to spend, this probably isn't the guide for you. But my wife and kids thoroughly enjoyed our vacation here and can definitely thank Rowicz for providing some great vacation ideas and tips.

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