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The Complete Old Fools Trilogy

Previously published separately, this is the omnibus of the first three hilarious ‘Old Fools’ books, bundled together into one 626 page volume. It begins with Book 1: ‘Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools’ (Amazon UK Top 100 Bestseller), followed by Book 2: ‘Two Old Fools ~ Olé!’ and finishes with Book 3: ‘Two Old Fools on a Camel’. The books span the time from when Vicky and Joe relocate to a tiny, crazy, Spanish mountain village, to their year teaching Arab children in Bahrain as the Arab revolution erupts. Includes Spanish and Arabic recipes.

Victoria Twead is a New York Times bestselling author.

In 2004 Victoria Twead nagged poor, long-suffering Joe into leaving Britain and relocating to a tiny, remote mountain village in Andalucía where they became reluctant chicken farmers and owned the most dangerous cockerel in Spain. Village life inspired Victoria's first book, Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools, which was quickly followed by more, all of which fast became Amazon bestsellers.

Victoria and Joe continue to enjoy life keeping chickens, writing, helping authors publish their books, sampling the local wine and living alongside their colourful neighbours.

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By Christina Giulianotti
I love this series of The Old Fools - (not so old and no fools really). I came upon it when it was included in Amazon's Daily Deals - which I also love!
A fun autobiographical journey through a variety of countries.

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5delightful reading!
Just love reading these delightful books. Thoroughly entertaining. Vicky has great insight into people and culture. Her writing is light and humorous. Can't wait to read more of her work.

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5Best easy read I have enjoyed in ages!
By chehalis626
My sister told me about the Old Fools books. I looked them up on Amazon and was enthralled immediately. Having up and moved across the USA to retire I wanted to see what there experiences were moving to another country. The author paints vivid pictures of the village and all the characters who live there.

You get to experience their feelings/ emotions and the interaction between not only Vicky and Joe but also the friends and family.

I hope the author writes more books along this line because it was so enjoyable that I found myself setting up at night to finish parts because I couldn't put it down. Well written for sure.

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