Saturday, March 19, 2016

True Cost - Our Deadly Consumption

After losing his wife, Wil is looking for a fresh start with his daughter in the remote west coast town of Prince Sound. But TRUE COST, a mobile computer app he creates to help his daughter at school gives him anything but. Steph is a chemical engineer and heads a multi million dollar firm in Toronto, specializing in fracking in the oil patch. The unexpected death of her only brother gives her something she never wanted – a child to care for and a challenge to her values. Wil and Steph’s geographical and ideological chasms begin to evaporate as they are plunged into a the most powerful game of corporate espionage the world has ever seen. TRUE COST is a blessing and an apocalypse. It evaluates products world wide on health, labour and environmental criteria, and goes unexpectedly viral. Soon Prince Sound, and then the world, are changing what they purchase, and what they don’t. Such a shift creates a tsunami of attention, as well as powerful enemies who are losing billions of dollars. Wil and Steph, his new venture capital partner, are hunted by the clandestine and all reaching arms of the corporate underworld who will stop at nothing to take TRUE COST offline, permanently. From China to Toronto, New York to Costa Rica, Wil and Steph try and evade the hidden assassins as they attempt and get the next version of TRUE COST up and running. Save the world or save themselves? It is a choice they need to make at every turn. Steph’s character is one of survival and success in a male dominated industry. She is as tough as it comes until that moment that touches her in a place she promised she would keep buried forever.

A business performance consultant and professional speaker, Scott Armstrong is an outdoor adventurer and environmentalist, living in Vancouver, Canada. His creation of a leading animal welfare program, and AdventureFive-0, a dedicated group volunteering in Kenya and Vietnam, highlight an ongoing concern for global well being. Scott has authored two previous books - Start Me Up – A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs, and a youth adventure novel, Fire Wolves.

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