Friday, March 11, 2016

The Tirnano - Book 1 - FINN (Volume 1)

Two teenagers, separated by 800 years, are thrust into a war between ancient gods, will they unearth their destiny? ~~~~~~~ Dr. Jeanne McLennan, seconded from a comfortable, quiet desk job in Scotland yard to the secretive world of a government agency, set up to investigate alien appearances. Following the horrific Holborn Circus incident of 2008 which shocked the world, Jeanne finds herself and Paul her twelve year old son, embroiled in an impossible task. Failure could mean the end of mankind. ~~~~~~~ Paul squealed, bucking under her. Just as they hit dirt, the writhing kid somehow managed to turn. Arms and legs flailing, fists flying, he probably didn’t mean to smash her right between the eyes like he did. Probably, he was merely trying to stave her off. Unfortunately for Winn, the blow came out of nowhere, catching her by surprise. Combined with the raging, rampant, uncontrollable tongues of violet flame leaping inside her chest, licking at heart, core, centre, brain, the crack was like a thunderclap. One moment she felt the insane wrath, the pulsing pain in her skull; the next Paul’s fist cracked against her forehead. ~~~~~~~ THE TIRNANO - BOOK 1 - FINN Book 1 - FINN - Follows the build up by the separate forces for a confrontation with the armies of the Dark Gods. Book 2 - Q'REEM - The tale of a group of castaways, marooned in a strange land and how they survive through the years, joining with Jeanne in the battle with the gods. Book 3 - THE PURPLE QUEEN - The protagonists are united in the continuing conflict between The Gods of Light and Dark. ~~~~~~~

Born in Brentwood in Essex, way back in Nineteen Hundred and Frozen to Death. The only son of an English Father and an East African born German Mother. Father of 5, Step-father to 2, Grandfather to 12. Retired, and Living in Bexhill-on-sea in the 1066 county of East Sussex on the South coast of England. I joined the British Army as a boy-entrant in 1961, serving in a number of countries around the world, picking up some strange habits along the way, including ‘people watching’ which has become an invaluable aid in character creation. Over the years I have developed a deep interest in the pantheon of Egyptian Gods and their followers. In 2005 and 2009 I visited Luxor in Egypt. I was most intrigued by the wall paintings in the tombs in the valley of Kings, which depicted the buried dignity, and his interactions with the Ancient Gods. – The Gods were painted to be much larger than the general populous which led me to consider that they were not of this earth, that they were visitors from the stars, -- Aliens, -- Giants, -- The Watchers.

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