Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Serenas Soccer Circus

Steve and Abby are 14 year old beautiful kids from the local park with fantastic extreme soccer skills.They become instant successes for their local professional team's academy, eventually their countries team and Serena's Soccer Circus falling in love on their journey, also using their friends abilities in dance, soccer, ballet and the martial arts,developing a new competition sport and show of extreme juggling tricks guided by Serena who is an ex model,designer and millionaire entrepreneur she helps them on their route to play for England and the show that she helps start from her new arena called the 'Serena Dome'building a whole new sport for boys or girls,in which male and female can compete against and with the opposite sex on an even keel, there aren't any physical boundaries only skill.join them on their journey to stardom. The Book is aimed at eight - twenty year old boys and girls suiting any adventure loving individuals into sports,love and romance.Will get kids reading again!

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