Saturday, March 5, 2016

Split Second Decision ll Apprehended

A once botched abduction comes to fruition after a plane crash that supposedly took, Douglas, Anita's father's life. Anita is abducted from her home and is coerced into taking her father's place in defending her mortal enemy - Dante. He (Dante) holds Carolyn (her best friend) ransom for his insurance that she gets him a 'not guilty' verdict as has been done in the past by her father. Dante takes Anita on a field trip to show her his true business dealings - to which he is so proud of. She experiences his way of life that no one should ever see. She witnessed his barbaric, brutal and torturous ways of how he acquires orphaned children. How he forces his captives to live in horrid conditions and what happens when he pillages a village. She sees how he mentally prepares and challenges young boys to become the best soldiers in his command through elimination tournaments, and how he trains and molds young girls to bring the best value on the black market for his efforts. Her heart aches for those who suffer the pain and destruction he leaves in his wake. But the worst part of what she witnesses is how he uses and abuses her best friend and what happens to the Caucasians girls before entering the world of the black market. How is she supposed to accomplish such a feat after seeing such heinous crimes?

For the past fifteen years, Vickie Swan has dedicated her life to helping the sick and disabled as a Care aide. Writing has always been a passion of Vickie's and she if finally living her dream. Stepping outside her comfort zone, Vickie Swan volunteers to do her own weekly radio show on the local radio station in her community. Writing allows Vickie Swan to use her creative side and vicariously live through the adventures, adrenalin pumping danger and intrigue. The twist and turns that her novel takes, lead the readers down a path of unknown mysteries and surprises. Vickie Swan writes about the history of black market slavery or flesh peddlers. Research for the novels provide the perfect setting for the current events. Through Anita, Vickie Swan is sharing the real life drama with the readers, and vows that the best is yet to come.

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