Thursday, March 24, 2016

Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess, The

Ka is the most beautiful cat that Topher Hope has ever seen. But Ka is no ordinary cat and though she chooses to live with Topher, in present-day England, she sometimes disappears for days at a time.

Topher decides he must try and follow her. His first incredible journey leas him through time and space to Ancient Egypt, where he finds danger - and the key to Ka's extraordinary devotion.

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5Very good cat book - not just for children
By A Customer
This book is good and not just for children. I read it when I was 13 and found it really good - I think its probably more suitable for people over 6 or 7 anyway. The boy is very likeable and the cat in it is wonderful. It makes you really want to read on and find out about the cat (Ka) and ancient Egypt. Go and buy this book - you will enjoy it and its a great book for people who like cats. Also its got a good sub plot with the boys relationship with a deaf girl and its a really likeable story.

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