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Travel Like A Pro: Road-Tested Tips for Digital Nomads and

A fun, info-packed read to turn your travel from “panicked” to “pro”

It’s an amazing privilege to be able to zip all over the planet. But the process of travel can be exhausting, panic-inducing and complicated – even when you do it all the time.

Perplexing flight options, overpriced accommodation and dragging a wobbly-wheeled suitcase through an awful airport are enough to take the gloss off even the funnest of trips.

It doesn’t have to be that way: Travel Like A Pro is an entertaining, practical guide to becoming effortlessly mobile. With road-tested tips on everything from packing and flights to visas and insurance – and countless links to extra recommendations and resources – it’s for anyone who wants to skip the stress and glide through their globetrotting life.

In the book you’ll learn:

  • What you should always take with you, and what’s really not worth the extra weight
  • How to protect yourself, and your stuff, with the right insurance
  • A system for booking the cheapest flights – without being forced into indirect routes and layovers, or having the experience take over your life
  • Handy hints for surviving the airport and hacking carry-on baggage allowances
  • Where to find the very best travel gear
  • Which handy websites will make your trips a triumph

This book isn’t about “seeing the world on $50 a day”. It’s for people who want to get there and get sorted – minus the aggravation and confusion that plague most people who just take a couple of trips a year.

With practical advice, plenty of jokes and over a hundred links to extra resources and material, Travel Like A Pro is the perfect travel companion for digital nomads, frequent travellers and anyone who wants to see the world but get the hell on with it.

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Mish Slade has spent three years as a “digital nomad” – running her businesses from over 20 different countries, and blogging about the experience on She travels with nothing but a backpack (and her husband), and has travel down to the finest of arts – yet still can’t quite be trusted not to make jokes while going through security.

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5Great guide for experienced nomads AND vacationers
By Julie Rogers
My husband and I are digital nomads and have spent a lot of time working from our computers and travelling through Europe, Asia, and North & Central America. I wasn't sure how much I would get out of the book that I hadn't discovered through trial and error on our own journey but BOY WAS I WRONG. And I'm not one to admit that often, lol. Reading through I was surprised at how many of the cool tools I was unaware of... and here I thought I was a professional at this whole traveling business!

After having read the book I keep finding myself going back to it to reference the well thought out guides and links to tools I've already started using to plan our next trip. We tend to travel for quite extended periods but I think most of the book is actually applicable to short vacation type travel as well and I've already gifted a copy to two friends who are vacation travelers.

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4Indispensable for the new or nervous traveler!
By Casey
Indispensable for the new or nervous traveler! This book is exactly what it claims to be, a down to earth practical guide for would-be long term travelers. The tips and advice are things you could learn the hard way, after years of travel, but save yourself the crappy luggage, expensive tickets, frustration and wasted effort by picking up some tricks from this book.

Now I didn't give it 5 stars because I felt it didn't offer much to me as someone who's already achieved the perpetual traveler gig. There are some great nuggets of advice in there about visas and health insurance, but only really applies to US and UK citizens. To be fair Mish makes nods to other EU citizens, so she's aware that not everyone comes from the USA, UK, or even the rich West in particular.

Almost all this information you could find online for free, but you'd have to sort and sift through thousands of pages of noise, parse out the dregs from the gold and make a correct judgement. But in this book Mish has collected an astounding amount of relevant practical advice, complete with links to resources. That brings up another point, I'm not sure how ever green this book will be. The internet landscape changes fast, as do product lines. If you're considering this book years from print date, and it hasn't been updated, well I'd read some more recent reviews to make sure it is still relevant.

If you're a new traveler or aspiring, you can't go wrong in purchasing this book at any price point.

If you're already a long-time traveler, familiar with the digital landscape, the e-book might be worth it to you as there's a few nuggets in here, though not enough to warrant purchase of the dead tree edition.

Disclaimer: I wrote this review after receiving a free copy of the book.

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5Indispensable practical guide for those ready to make the nomadic leap
By Sarah V
So, my only complaint is that this book didn’t come out about three months earlier! Mish has put together an easy-to-read and highly informative compendium of tips and resources for just about all of the questions I was struggling to answer while I was getting ready to take off on my own digital nomad experience at the beginning of the year. I am a pretty seasoned traveler, but setting off on an indefinite journey requires a different type of thinking (although much of the information contained in the book would be helpful for travel of any length). Packing both light and right, booking flights, finding the perfect accommodation, making insurance decisions, getting visas, coping at the airport – all of the big logistical and planning issues are covered. I have had several “aha” moments while reading and am excited to implement some of Mish’s strategies as I start to plan my next move.

If you are looking for a soul-searching, is-extended-travel-for-me? book, you are best to look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a practical guide to help save you time, aggravation, money, and a few grey hairs, don’t pass it up!

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