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Essential India Travel Guide: Travel Tips And Practical Information

Are you visiting India? Do you want to know more about India before you travel? Are you looking for travel tips and unbiased information on India? Are you looking for an India travel guide but don’t know which one to get? Then here’s a travel guide on India that covers everything you need from places to visit to dealing with beggars and how to protect yourself while in India. The “Essential India Travel Guide: Travel Tips And Practical Information” covers everything you need to know about India.

India is a great country for holiday but it can be rough at times. Sadly, many incidences and crimes do happen and many of them are directed at foreign travelers. Many foreigners end up being ripped off their hard earned money. Most people in India working in the tourism industry do not realize that even in the West, one has to work hard for their money and do not have surplus to squander around. This India travel guide shows you how to be careful with your money, how to bargain like the locals and how to deal with beggars and have a safe and pleasurable trip to India.

Here’s a complete list of things you will learn about your travels in India:

1. Introduction to India
2. Best time to visit India
3. Geography of India
4. Places to visit in Eastern India
5. Places to visit in Northern India
6. Places to visit in Southern India
7. Places to visit in Western India
8. Culture of India
9. Things you should bring to India
10. Vaccinations for India
11. How to deal with the heat?
12. Guide to drinking water
13. Avoiding water borne diseases
14. How to keep off mosquitoes?
15. Foods to avoid
16. Is meat and fish safe in India?
17. Guide to Indian street food
18. Travelling in India during the monsoons
19. Types of transport in India
20. How to book train tickets in India?
21. How to hire a taxi and auto-rickshaw?
22. Guide to prepaid taxis
23. Safety on Indian trains
24. Dealing with beggars
25. How to deal with touts?
26. How to be safe at the hotel?
27. How to be safe in Indian crowds?
28. How to keep your money and passport safe?
29. Safety tips for women
30. Travelling with kids in India
31. Types of places to shop
32. How to bargain?
33. What should women wear?
34. What should men wear?
35. Say no to bhang and other drugs
36. Common Hindi words and phrases
37. Message from the author

Most helpful customer reviews

17 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
5Loved India.. Good guide!
By CrazysaidWhat
I have been to India and loved it. One of the most interesting places I have ever been to. I had the best time of my life. Food was excellent although hot as ever compared to what we have at home, people were awesome and the culture was fascinating. But there are some issues with India like poverty, safety, begging, touts and so on. Sometimes you don’t know what to do. I know people will scare you if you are travelling to India so some kind of guide was necessary. Without this book, I would have been lost in many aspects of the tour to India. It also has some Hindi phrases which was extremely useful and helped a lot. The guide to drinking water was a good one too. I would recommend this book to anyone visiting India.

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
5Well Done. Excellent Resource
By Sb Wharton
I have always wanted to travel to India. It has always intrigued me with its diverse populations and rich cultural heritages. This book has helped keep that desire burning. This is an excellent practical guide that deals with the most common problems facing tourist traveling in India and how to help yourself and have an enjoyable time. I love the section on places to go in India. The images and pictures throughout the book are magnificent. Some of the thing I love about this book is how the author provides a comprehensive list of things a tourist should bring to India. A list of female urination devices that I never knew existed. This guide also provides practical tips on how to deal with the heat and skin protection. I am a vegetarian so this was a valuable resource for food recommendations. The author provides excellent resource of travel within the country, how to avoid tourist traps, hotel safety and my favorite--where to shop. They say knowledge is power and with this book I feel very safe and empowered to travel to India.

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
4Excellent Guide, Highly Recommended
By Jorge Alberto Orduna SR.
Traveling is one of the most invigorating things, and when traveling anywhere, you should pick up a guide, just so you don't miss out on something rand. I checked out Shalu Sharma's guide and loved it. It not only has a conversational tone, it has an authoritative reach as far as what to see and where to go. As a tourist, this was a great read for my Kindle, and have even recommended it to my friends.

I have a friend doing tech work in India, and he even confirmed that this was an insider's guide to traveling through the area. I especially love the tips and practical information. If you're from the U.S. like I am, you'll find that those insider tips and tricks will give you a bit of help on blending in and not looking too much like an ignorant traveler.

Overall, this is a good, quick guide that will share with you some incredible details. I love it, and recommend it.

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