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Germany (Country Travel Guide)

Nobody knows Germany like Lonely Planet. From Alpine villages to Berlin's clubs, Moselle Valley vineyards to Heidelberg's historic buildings and beer quaffing to sausage savoring, this 6th edition gives you all the information you need to enjoy the best of Germany.

Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip.

In This Guide:

Top insider tips on a perfect day in Munich, Hamburg's harbor sound and Berlin's eclectic highlights
Detailed itineraries help you get the most out of your trip
Unique Green Index picks out the top sustainable travel options

It's an enormous place with overwhelming tourist options. Smack in the middle of Europe, Germany's got the Bavarian Alps, windswept North Sea islands, the Black Forest and the castle-dotted Rhine. And there's Berlin, a city where you could easily spend all your vacation and not see a tenth of what it has to offer. Germany has history aplenty, an enormous variety of museums, cosmopolitan sophistication and rural quaintitude, camping, beer gardens, and music of all kinds. In short, Germany is the kind of place where a guidebook makes all the difference.

Lonely Planet covers the country diligently and entertainingly, leaving nothing out. With maps of all 16 states, over 35 city maps, and a fold-out transportation map to Berlin, the daunting becomes comfortable. There are the background chapters on history, government, climate and ecology, the people, the arts, society and language, and a big fat chapter covering all the necessary details of visas, money, Web sites, electricity, festivals, health, and accommodations for special needs, plus how to get there and how to get around once you've arrived. Then for every city and burg, Lonely Planet provides the stuff a traveler needs to know, all about where to stay, eat, sight see, shop, and play. And scattered in and among the guiding text are little nuggets of interest, telling the stories of witches and warlocks, Bertolt Brecht, Marlene Dietrich, and the sad tale of Queen Caroline. Not prohibitively large, Lonely Planet's guidebook packs enough into its pages for 100 good trips. --Stephanie Gold

As usual the guidebook standard is set by Lonely Planet-- Outside

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Most helpful customer reviews

77 of 85 people found the following review helpful.
2Be careful-is this really what you need?
By A Customer
I travel a lot and compare guides a lot. I have used and enjoyed other Lonely Planet guides for other countries successfully. This one was a real disappointment. It is thorough, but does not really teach you to prioritize your time, or compare routes. It is intensely geared towards rail and bus travelers, but many things in Germany are worth renting a car to see--in which case the book will not cover those areas at all. Hotels chosen by the book will be in relation to train stations--which aren't always either a good deal or a restful place to stay. Add that to the fact it's heavy, and you'll be shlepping a lot of useless information unless you're spending the whole year there...

80 of 89 people found the following review helpful.
4Sarcasm Mars Otherwise Useful Book
By Tom Burke
This lighthearted and otherwise sound book is tripped up by its occasional harsh treatment of some German areas or cities, in particular those in the former East Germany. Case in point is Frankfurt/Oder which is an historic, former East German city that sits across the Oder River from Poland.
In both this book and a similar one on Berlin by Lonely Planet, the writers appear to go out of their way to bash Frankfurt/Oder with petty criticisms ranging from the architecture to the people. I made a day trip to check out Frankfurt/Oder after reading such a review, thinking to myself that it can't be as bad as the writers at Lonely Planet say. My experiences were much the opposite, with friendly and helpful people, a charming downtown with picturesque streetcars, and a panoromic view of Poland across the Oder River from a walkway. Is it as charming as, say, Heidelberg or Bamberg? No, but it is very East German in contrast.
Take some of the advice with a grain of salt in this book and go with an open mind to enjoy the uniqueness of East German life before it disappers.

40 of 43 people found the following review helpful.
3Informative, but biased
By Sarah L. Goralewski
Overall, I found Lonely Planet's guide more informative and definitely more accurate than Let's Go's. However, I must thoroughly agree with other readers--the book does a severe injustice to Eastern Germany. While Eastern and Western Germany are once again one country, they continue to be very different in many respects. LP judges Eastern Germany with very Western German eyes, not recognizing the fascinating history and culture that lies within this region. Lonely Planet--improve your Eastern Germany section!
Also, more information could be included about Germany's various Nature Parks. While they don't rival the National Parks of the states, they are beautiful nonetheless and offer tons of opportunities for exploring.

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