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Eleven, Twelve ... Dig and delve: Rebekka Franck #6 (Volume

It's the stuff of a living nightmare...
Another bone-chilling Mystery from Best selling Author Willow Rose.
Everybody hates Mondays. This Monday is particularly bad for the residents on Blegevej in the Northern part of Denmark. Just before eight o'clock Monday morning, the entire neighborhood sinks into the ground in a matter of seconds when a giant sinkhole opens up underneath it. 

Rebekka Franck is visiting a dear friend when she is swallowed up by the hole and ends up trapped inside a limestone mine. Together with the surviving residents from the neighborhood, she tries to get by underground while waiting to be rescued. When the body of one of the survivors turns up inside the mines, they suddenly know that not only do they face starvation and thirst, they also have a killer among them. 

Eleven, Twelve...Dig and Delve is the sixth book in Willow Rose's internationally bestselling series about the Danish reporter Rebekka Franck.

Willow Rose is an international best-selling author. She writes Mystery/Suspense/Horror, Paranormal Romance and Fantasy. She is inspired by authors like James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Isabel Allende. Willow Rose lives on Florida's Space Coast with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing or reading, you'll find her surfing and watching the dolphins play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. She has sold more than 900.000 books.

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Rebekka Franck-series:
  • One, two ... He is coming for you (Rebekka Franck #1)

  • Three, Four ... Better lock your door (Rebekka Franck #2)

  • Five, Six ... Grab your crucifix (Rebekka Franck#3)

  • Seven, Eight ... Gonna stay up late (Rebekka Franck #4)

  • Nine, Ten ... Never sleep again (Rebekka Franck#5)
  • Eleven, Twelve ... Dig and Delve (Rebekka Franck#6)
  • Thirteen, Fourteen ... Little Boy Unseen (Rebekka Franck #7)
Emma Frost-series:
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider (Emma Frost #1)
  • Miss Polly had a dolly (Emma Frost #2)
  • Run run as fast as you can (Emma Frost#3)
  • Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (Emma Frost #4)
  • Peek A Boo I See You (Emma Frost#5)
  • Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Emma Frost#6)
  • Easy as One Two Three (Emma Frost#7)
  • There's No Place like Home (Emma Frost#8)
  • Slenderman (Emma Frost#9)
Jack Ryder-series:
  • Hit the Road Jack (Jack Ryder #1)
  • Slip out the Back Jack (Jack Ryder #2)
  • The House that Jack Built (Jack Ryder#3)
  • Rock-A-Bye Baby

  • Nibble, Nibble, Crunch

  • Eenie, Meenie

  • Humpty Dumpty

  • Edwina 
  • Chain Letter 

  • Beyond (Afterlife #1)

  • Serenity (Afterlife #2)

  • Endurance (Afterlife #3)

  • Courageous (Afterlife#4)

  • Savage (Daughters of the Jaguar #1)

  • Broken (Daughters of the Jaguar #2)

  • Song for a Gypsy (The Wolfboy Chronicles)

  • I am Wolf (The Wolfboy Chronicles)

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Most helpful customer reviews

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful.
5I love that all her books are well-edited
By Dawn M. Loughner
This one of her scariest books yet, because it's something that could actually happen. I love that all her books are well-edited, well-written, & full of suspense. I've read every one of this series & can't wait for more!

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
5Love Willow Rose - Eleven, Twelve ... Dig and Delve a terrific read!
By cherypkr
I will read anything by Willow Rose! Have read the entire Rebekka Franck series and loved it. Hope she writes more. She was able to tell a story about a group of people trapped underground, interesting and suspenseful. There is a twist in the plot that was unexpected! Good read!

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Book
By Kathy Kaetzel
I love reading books by Willow Rose. She writes tasteful suspense books. I have never read a book of her's that I didn't like.

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