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India Travel Survival Guide For Women

This book is one of the most comprehensive of all travel books dedicated for the female traveller to India. It covers the most important aspect of travelling in India - safety. The fact that rapes in India is on the rise and foreign women are also at risk; the book is directed to those female travellers who are considering travelling to India on their own. 

The book has been designed taking the solo female traveller to India into consideration and the problems they face and how to overcome them; some of which include rape, verbal, sexual, physical assault and/or harassment, groping and other issues faced by foreign women in India. The book also gives an insight on how 'white women' are viewed by Indian men. 

The book covers major areas of safety including how to avoid rape, how to be safe in Indian hotels, what to wear, travelling alone and being safe in a country where women are often treated like objects rather than human beings. This book is a practical and essential resource for women travelling safely in India so that they can enjoy this magnificent country by overcoming their safety concerns. 

It's better to be safe than sorry. So pick up your copy of "India Travel Survival Guide For Women" today to prevent yourself from being targeted and make your life and travels in India easier.

From the author:
The book stems out of my experiences of travelling in India and around the world. I therefore hope to portray true pictures of the realities and issues facing travelling foreign women. My aims are to help overcome the issues faced by women travelling solo in India. This book will therefore be helpful to those who wish to travel alone or in groups.

Shalu Sharma is a traveller, a blogger and a social media enthusiast. She writes on her blog, tweets and wastes a lot of time on Facebook. She lives in India with her husband, two children, a fat cow, a goat and 5 chickens. Despite having a Masters in Business Administration, she accidentally took out a huge mortgage and has no idea how to pay it off. Find her on ShaluSharma.com. 

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4Really useful information for the female traveler
By anjgi
A long overdue book for women traveling to India. The chapters were well conceived and the information imparted was thought provoking and genuinely useful. Women should not be afraid to travel and this book is a definite must buy if you are thinking of a trip to India.It's possibly also very useful for men too, because many of the tips about safety and customs are common sense insights into another culture's way of life. Shalu's passion for India shines throughout. Go buy, and travel with confidence.

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5A reality opener to the Indian culture with care taken to not discourage Indian travel.
By Michael Belk
This book is very helpful to someone considering Indian travel. India is a culture like most when it comes to crimes however, it has issues that are surprising to many foreign tourists. The author covers the harsh realities of crimes committed against tourists. The crimes are a reality however, no one should be discouraged from visiting this beautiful country. The book gives the reader many helpful tips to consider before placing themselves in a vulnerable criminal situation. Things to remember about India or any other unfamiliar culture is to take the proper caution when dealing with potential criminals. I highly recommend the book for several reasons however, I was really impressed with the extra travel tips given by the author in relation to non-criminal acts. The crimes against women are well documented in the book however, Shalu also warns women against feeling too comfortable when traveling with singe-male protection. When I read that no one is safe just because they are traveling in pairs; I immediately realized these are not just travel safety tips for women because men are sometimes victims as well. One should take care when travelling anywhere, whether it be overseas or down the street. Crimes are awful, but they are not isolated to one section of the world. You will learn many travel tips you should consider before traveling to India. This information is given to the reader with no attention to profit from the author.

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4Practical and useful
By desi Traveler
Traveling in India can be confusing and scary even for Indians due to many languages, food habits and cultural differences between different regions and states of India, so you can imagine how a first time visitor to India from a foreign country will feel. The book is written in simple language as it targets the average traveler who need practical suggestions. As the author herself is a women traveler, she has given first hand experience on traveling in India as well as cited news reports about experiences of women travelers who faced extreme cases of violence and rape. The author gives very practical advice which cam make your trip safe and enjoyable. Now some of the tips may appear to a person coming to India as very simple but they make perfect sense, e.g. do not eat anything offered by somebody on train, as there were incidents where the food was drugged. Or take for example the concept of putting a chain on your luggage under the train seat. I am sure a first time visitor to India would have no idea why this is needed.

While the newspaper headlines can scare you, with a bit of precautions and common sense you can have an enjoyable experience and that is what the book tries to achieve. Some of the reports may appear too graphic to western readers, but they have been taken from news reports and not made up.

I think if you are first time visitor to India of either sex, it would be a good idea to read this book written in a very practical matter of fact style by somebody who understand India very well and has personally traveled in India.

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