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Selling on The Edge

"Mark, well done." -Simon Cowell, The X Factor/American Idol, -client "Selling on the Edge is everything they don't teach you in real estate school" -Chad Rogers, Celebrtiy Real Estate Expert Agent, Million Dollar Listing, Bravo Channel "I wish I had this when I got started." -Barry Berg, Agent, Coldwell Banker, Top 1% Nationally "Mark sold us by never trying to sell us." -Sofia Vergara/Nick Loeb, -clients SELLING ON THE EDGE: Be You. Sell More. Rock on! 10 THINGS EVERY NEW REAL ESTATE AGENT MUST KNOW. This is everything they don't teach you in real estate school that you absolutely must know if want to sell houses anywhere. If you are new, thinking of getting your real estate license, or in your first few years of real estate, you absolutely must own this book. It will save you 10 years of heartache and wasted time. And it is Guaranteed for one year. Read more! Selling on The Edge is a simple, fast, fun, and easy selling program anyone can use to sell houses. By developing your unique strengths, discovering your passions, and learning how to follow your heart and gut, you will soon be making more money in real estate than you ever thought possible. Selling on The Edge will teach you to develop relationships authentically, never look like a sales person again, easily find an abundance of real buyers and sellers, and have plenty of time and money to do the things you love. Selling on The Edge also offers the exclusive Edge 100K Guarantee where if you don't make at least $100,000 dollars in the next twelve months selling houses, you can return the book for a full refund. (Product must be returned to MJW EDGE SYSTEMS Corportate Offices with original receipt. Offer does not apply to ebooks or downloadable content. EDGE 100k Guarantee applies only to paperback, hardcover, original CD or DVD program purchases. Customer responsible for return shipping and guarantee is twelve months from date of purchase.) This is your time. The next move is yours! See you ..... On the Edge!

After a brutal three year start in the industry, Mark found himself broke, living in a friend’s garage and still hadn't sold one house. Traditional training techniques and fancy closing tips that the whole industry was teaching were not working for him. Mark decided to come up with his own selling system and it started first and foremost by being himself. "It was do or die, so I had no choice but to start doing things my way." “I figured no one could do me better than me, so that might give me some kind of advantage. I simply started being myself and saying what I felt in every situation. No more trying to jam the square peg in a round hole and be like everybody else. It was time to start doing things my way.” T-shirt, Jeans, and Tennis shoes replaced his stuffy suit and tie. And certainly no more open houses on Sundays. Alleluia! “I hated working on Sundays, so I simply stopped doing it.” Instead of using open houses, traditional business network meetings and annoying marketing campaigns to try and manufacture clients, Mark began creating his own “passion-arenas” as a way to develop relationships authentically instead of the no longer effective old school prospecting methods. Next to go were the bogus scripts and hard-closing lines that buyers and sellers saw right through. No more scripts, fancy cars, or magnet mailers, and certainly no more annoying email drip-campaigns! “If any other agents were doing it, I was no longer going to do it.” With authenticity, brutal honesty, and his Father’s game-changing suggestion to develop relationships first and sell second, Mark set out on a mission to change the way people looked at real estate agents and the way agents looked at selling. Mark’s new way of selling houses not only launched his career, but he went on to sell multi-million dollar homes, worked with well-known celebrities, and eventually top real estate companies began asking Mark to help train and develop their own agents. It was in helping these agents where Mark began to discover his true joy in life: Teaching. After more than a decade of a successful selling career in the cut-throat markets of Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and Los Angeles, this joy of teaching and helping others ultimately surpassed his passion for selling. On the advice of his old college Dean of Students, Mark set out to write a book and share his gifts by introducing his selling program with the world. Selling on the Edge was born.

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5Truly a worthy read!
By Bill Perry
This is one of those books that easlily motivates and helps you think outside of the box. Too many agents and hopefuls get into this business only to be out of the business within 18 mos or less. Generally due to being followers in hopes there is a pattern and it will just work, and not free thinkers using the skills they have been born with. Mark Williams book and his approach is a unique and refreshing look at how this can be successfully done with the God given skill set you were born with. I found it to be a quick read and one in which their is not alot of fluff or BS but sound, experienced advice from a top producing agent in the highly competitive world of high end Los Angeles living. Long story short its a great read and I would recomend it to anyone, as well as as office mgrs who might share its outlook with new incoming agents. You never know who the next big agent may be.

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4Required Reading for Beginning Real Estate Agents
By Lorie Johnson
A well thought out and thoroughly presented plan for selling reall estate and living a happier and more productive life. Directed at beginner agents, the book contains excellent ideas and enthusiastic presentation. It gets a little too long and repititious. Gramatical errors sometimes makes it difficult to follow.

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5Great book with lessons that you can actually use immediately!
By Justin Jacobson
Great Book that you can actually use to create a productive game plan for success. There's no fluff here. I've been using some of the teachings in my weekly meetings and my newer and no so new agents have been benefiting from it. Wish this book was around when I was starting in real estate years ago.

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