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Being a Christian: a Study Book for Children

An exciting Bible Study book, teaching children and teens, how to become a Christian and can be used to witness to their friends. This book is also available in Spanish.

This is the best book I have seen for youngsters on explaining Christianity, simple yet profound. At our church thirteen children commited themselves to Christ after studying "Being A Christian." Seven children in our church became commited Christians after reading you book "Being A Christian." We printed 2,000 Romanian copies of "Being a Christian." They were sold out within a week, despite the high price the local Romanians had to pay. -- From the Publisher

David Walters has authored eight books. He travels through the U.S. and abroad, preaching at churches, camps, crusades and conferences. His area of ministry is to children, youth, parents, nursery workers, youth and children's pastors, and senior pastors. He has spoken at many national conferences along with many well-known charismatic and evangelical speakers. Rev Walters has also written in Christian magazines such as Charisma, Ministries Today, and Homeschool Digest.

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5Being a Christian: a Study Book for Children
By A Customer
This book is very helpful to explain to children just what a christian is. The chapters are short and easy to explain. The questions at the end of each chapter summaries the content very nicely.

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4Balanced, Basic and Biblical
By clara's opinion
"Being a Christian" by David Walters is a well thought out workbook style edition for kids. It is kid friendly with a high gloss cover, large varying, pink/purple/black print and cute cartoon illustrations.

The explanation of the Christian life directs the reader to think and understand without corny Christianese. It includes scripture verses ( some with explanatory paraphrases), stories to help teach and a "quiz" at the end of each "chapter". It is not a lengthy workbook but it packs in powerful Biblical facts. It even provides a good representation of the Holy Spirit's role in the Christian life.
One thing to note, it is clear this book is written for kids. It speaks about the child's need to choose to believe God for salvation and not rely on parents or family church going as his/her identity as a Christian. This is an exciting challenge which kids need to hear so that as they enter teen years and adulthood they have a personal faith in a personal Savior.
Also, please note contrary to the one low review there is no judgmental "black&white" teaching other than the obvious; there's only one way to heaven. If that is upsetting to someone then its doubtful that person has experienced the grace of God herself.
Don't hesitate to purchase this book if you're looking for a simple, clear way to reach a kid with the gospel.

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5Being a Christian: A study book for children
By Vickey V. Ellis
This is a great and wonderful book to help with your younger student classes at sunday school. The children enjoy the lessons and they remember why we are called a christian.

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