Sunday, February 23, 2014

My stand

in bersih,  of course i support the cause of it, to ask the Election Commission (EC) although not nicely, to conduct itself properly for the sake of democracy...

but of course (again), after witnessing a withdrawn post on a particular website *coughs from my sponsor *coughs i realise tat i don have a stand at all, i cannot and will not have the right to wear yellow shirt roaming around KL city on Saturday afternoon, to have a small logo of Bersih2.0 on my facebook profile pic and the fact tat i m risking myself writing sth on this not-to-be-named-issue on my publicly accessible blog is really gonna be a threat to my scholarship. hmmm... maybe i shud consider on withdrawing this post as well...

i wish i can be like the humble Malaysian poet, A Samad Said, who can write sth poetic about this issue (but later got arrested because of the poem so i shud be thankful tat i m not so poetic n still be able to keep my scholarship)

Last but not least, i wud like to share a poem by A Samad Said (not the one tat got him arrested but the one we all loved during Form 1 english literature class...)

He saw a dead crow
in a drain
near the Post Office,
He saw an old man
gasping for air
And a baby barely able to breathe
In a crowded morning clinic
This land is so rich
Why should we suffer like this?

I want clean air
For my grandchildren
I want the damned fools
To leave the forest alone,
I want the trees to grow,
The rivers run free
And the earth covered with grass.
Let the politicians plan how
we may live with dignity
Now and always

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