Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bersih (not my story...)

haha... i guess ppl are half expecting me to write sth on it, but i wasn't there, i cannot write from my second or maybe even third forth hand experience from other ppl but this article makes me feel like i was there...

Tolong amoi ini dulu!!!

as the author said at the end of her post, someone did win on 9th of July - Malaysia.

reading on #bersihstories on twitter forms both frown n laughter on my face... some are juz hilarious! i oweys enjoy a good laugh...
eg :  dad texted me saying don't go into pudu over 10,000 people are there. I replied ya dad I can see

and check out the photo where policemen n protesters are shaking hands... i guess i m proud to see the maturity of Malaysians, yeah we r getting there someday! 

My personal view :
Many of us wants to be part of sth important, and tat explains the people who actually attends it, who watch live updates behind their computer at home, who disagree with it and try to confuse ppl with anti-Bersih posts, who don give a-damn-because-it-is-none-of-my-business, who got the feeling of i-shud-be-there/whoa-thank-god-i-m-not-there after everything is over...  ppl strive to seek acknowledgement from sth... and i m glad tat ultimately, i only need to seek n please only one thing in this world... and everything tat i do can be derived out of love and grace from the one i seek...

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