Thursday, February 11, 2016

Getting Off at Edge Hill - The Tracks of My

This book is a personal and subjective collection of memories from a middle-aged bloke with too much time on his hand, a scouser conceived, born and raised in the area of Liverpool in the United Kingdom called Edge Hill. The chapters will swerve away from a storyboard time line as common sense would prevail but instead this prose will navigate the reader through my seventies experience dipping into the eighties and back and forth and throughout I will pay tribute to some favoured song titles that I refer to as tracks and some guilty pleasures that informed my childhood. I will recall the many imaginative games I played at home, in the street and beyond, my families struggles and celebrations, my education, some relationships who have crossed my life path and at times crossed me, the wider social and political changes that gripped the country and the cultural distinctions that make the seventies feel so old and dated when compared to now! I hope you enjoy this book.

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